About Us

Reverbose started as a lie.

In order to book shows and sound legit, the gentlemen of Miranda Sound created the fictional record label to lend credibility to their debut release in 2000. Understandable.

In the Fall of 2002, Miranda Sound vocalist/guitarist Billy Peake and The Stepford Five bassist Tim Minneci sat down in a Dublin, Ohio chain restaurant to discuss booking a week-long East Coast tour the following Spring to support the release of their 2002 album Engaged In Labor. Once again, the pair utilized the Reverbose name to contact clubs in New York, D.C. and other locales, hoping for a shot to bring their brand of Midwestern rock to coast and big cities.

In March of 2002, that came to be as the bands spent eight days and 1,700 miles playing shows together. Upon their return, a plan was hatched - to make Reverbose a real and operating record label

With Miranda Sound and The Stepford Five already on board, they turned to Workbook Studio honcho and Pretty Mighty Mighty frontman about releasing a solo album. In the Spring of 2003,  The Stepford Five "6" EP was released, followed by the debut solo album "I Can't Believe You Live Like That" from Jon Chinn and The Stepford Five's third album "A New Design For Living" in the spring of 2004. In the fall, the Workbook Studio 25 Hour Grand Prix was released, a herculean achievement recording and mixing 25 bands in 25 hours.

In 2006, The Stepford Five frontman Keith Jenkins would make his solo debut, releasing a self-titled EP. Shows in Columbus and around the midwest were played in 2007 and 2008 but as time passed, bands did what bands do - break up, go their separate ways, move, get old. By the end of 2008, Reverbose Records was inactive.

When the label started, iPods were pricey and heavy and your parents didn't buy MP3s on iTunes. Today, the game has changed. In 2017, the itch returned, and the cobwebs were dusted off, but with the intent of not just releasing music, but other media as well. Thanks to changes in publishing, the first foray is into on-demand publishing. With the resurgence of vinyl, we hope to revisit the catalog for some remastering and re-releasing of past releases, as well as new music to come.

-Stomp, President and CEO