Praise for Keith Jenkins And The Moving Parts Debut EP

Revolt Media (7.28.06)

Keith Jenkins & The Moving Parts are the perfect mix of John Mayer and Jack Johnson, with even a touch of Ben Folds Five as the first track, “Just for the Record,” starts out with a short piano piece. All of these artists have something in common – smooth voices, meaningful lyrics, graceful instrumental accompaniment, and the ability to be both serious and lighthearted with their music. These are characteristics Keith Jenkins & the Moving Parts exude, as well.

As soon as “Just for the Record” starts to play, you’ll have the feeling that Jenkins isn’t new to the music scene – and for good reason. He’s been doing this for ten years. Every track that follows is similar in that each is just as smoothly polished; however, the five songs on this self-titled EP are not indistinguishable from one another. “Just for the Record” is mellow yet cheery, while the second track, “Golden Ages,” picks things up a notch. This upbeat number, with a catchy hook, is not to be confused with today’s pop genre in any way. In contrast, “Payphone,” starts out with a guitar that has a bit more of an edge. This track features Jenkins with a bit more intensity in his voice as he describes his commitment to wait for and be there for the one in his life who is, in some way, lost.

Keith Jenkins & The Moving Parts have a good thing going, and this EP has successfully left me wanting more from them. With Jenkins’ musical history and experience, and with the band as a whole meshing voice and instrument together so well, I’m hoping my want will be satisfied. Until then, their EP will remain close by. – ALICIA SPARKS (5.12.06)

Keith Jenkins' new self-titled EP came to me too late to put anything in the print edition, and after listening to it, I regret the bad timing.

Recorded in the singer/guitarist's home, the five-song offering sounds just as good as most of the records that cross this desk. The hearty country soul of Wilco, the rhythmic drive of the Foo Fighters, the hard-times-made-me stronger vibe of Bruce Springsteen - Jenkins excels at combining what I love about other great rock bands.

I caught up with the songster to discuss "Just for the Record," an expansive ballad that highlights the musician's solo and songwriting skills.