May And June Press for Jon Chinn's "I Can't Believe You Live Like That"

75orLess (May 12, 2004)

Quote:  “a poignant and elegant songwriter…one of the warmest, most captivating release of the year.”

Full Review:
Though this CD is technically a solo album from Pretty Mighty Mighty frontman Jon Chinn, the singer receives help from members of his own band and other Columbus heavyweights like Miranda Sound, Tiara, and Templeton. With his gentle Bob Mould-like voice ("Record Sets," "All About"), Chinn is a poignant and elegant songwriter. His poetic lyrics are intimate and bittersweet and the addition of stringed instruments such as the cello on "King's Horse" make this one of the warmest, most captivating releases of the year. (June, 2004)

Quote:  “a hypnotic and melodic affair…something substantial to reckon with.”

Full Review:
John Chinn has been a staple of Midwestern indie-pop with the band Pretty Mighty Mighty for the past decade and has further fingered out to various projects, most specifically heading up Workbook Studio in Columbus, Ohio. As many multi-talented musicians have been doing in the recent past (e.g., Statistics), Chinn has decided to extend his resume to a solo act. Part of that process and the formation of a set of songs came from a weekly show at a Columbus club in the Spring of 2003. With the help of some friends to fill out a full band when needed, I Can't Believe… consists of ten tracks of indie-pop that trips across different sounds. This is mostly a function of how and what instruments are utilized. For instance, the opening track "Lying Through Your Teeth" is a fairly standard indie rock track with a strong emphasis on melody. The next track "Record Sets" is just Chinn and his guitar rocking out for a short blast of muted punk. Other tracks simply feature Chinn on acoustic guitar with maybe a hint of extension including "Accelleration" and "King's Horses." Though there is little drop off in quality amongst the ten, probably the standout track is "Stop Being So Dramatic," where Chinn employs an arsenal of help and we are left with a hypnotic and melodic affair. I'm not sure what Chinn plans for the future with Pretty Mighty Mighty and his studio work, but with more time this project could be something substantial to reckon with.

Crashin’ (June 2004)

Quote: “strong comparisons to Elliot Smith and Matthew Sweet, Jon’s songs are slow, but simply enchanting.”

Full Review:
Singer, songwriter, engineer, and producer Jon Chinn has crafted his third album to date in his own studio. Bringing strong comparisons to Elliot Smith and Matthew Sweet Jon's songs are slow, but simply enchanting. This Ohio based musician has crafted some fine indie-pop.