Plug-In Music - Reverbose Records: Open For Business, 2003 Releases From The Stepford Give and Pretty Mighty Mighty's Jon Chinn

"A new Columbus-based independent record label called Reverbose Records will open its doors this spring. An immediate release by The Stepford Five - an EP entitled '6,' due in stores on April 15 - will kick off the label's discography, to be followed by an autumn 2003 release from Jon Chinn, the singer/guitarist of Columbus rock veterans Pretty Mighty Mighty. The Stepford Five will release a full-length studio album in the autumn, as well.

Reverbose Records took shape in the early months of 2003 when Billy Peake, Dan Gerken and Sean Sefcik of the Columbus band Miranda Sound, along with Tim Minneci and Jason Dziak of The Stepford Five began regular meetings concerning how the two bands could work together on a more consistent and long-term basis. 'We thought that besides merely helping each of our own bands book shows and do promotion,' said Gerken, 'there was an opportunity to create an entire identity for bands like ours, in Columbus and throughout the Midwest, that play rock music that's interestingly different than what's going on in other parts of the country.'

With that, the Reverbose sound and mission was realized, aimed at creating an identifiable home for independent rock and pop music. The founders and co-owners of the label are fervent music fans in addition to being musicians themselves, and, more importantly, they are enthusiastic supporters of the vibrant and remarkably original rock scene for which Columbus has become very well-regarded.

Reverbose Records seeks to make a name for itself by emphasizing musical craftsmanship on tape, energetic performance on stage, and the uncompromising belief that there are people in Columbus, in the Midwest, and beyond that will greatly appreciate being exposed to the depth of talent among oft-overlooked local and regional independent rock and pop musicians." LINK