- Announcing Reverbose Records

One thing I love to see in music is forward movement. New technology, new sounds, new approaches to business. Change. We try to educate people about that on, when we see bands or people doing something different, expanding their bag of tricks with something new.

I love that. We love that.

It’s happening around the world. Whether it’s Pearl Jam’s use of MP3 technology (offering every concert on this tour in MP3 format the day after the show), or
Wilco’s releasing Yankee Hotel Foxtrot on the internet, for free, before it was available for purchase.

And things like this are even happening locally. Even in Columbus OH.

What I’m talking about right now is a brand new label in town, Reverbose Records. Formed by members of Miranda Sound and Stepford Five, Reverbose is a full-service record label that is trying to move the music business forward. These guys are building upon the success they are having locally and reaching out to the rest of the world using the same work ethic that has made them a Columbus success.

These are bands you need to know about.

I’ve talked to everyone involved in this label for hours and I’m convinced they are doing something great here. It’ll start off small, sure, but it’s going to pick up fast, I can tell. One thing I’ve realized since running is that a lot of people conduct business poorly. If you have your shit together, you’re already ten steps ahead of the game. Reverbose has their shit together.

I’m happy to announce that is going to co-sponsor the first-ever Reverbose Records showcase on June 14 @ Little Brother’s in Columbus OH. The previously mentioned Stepford Five and Miranda Sound will perform, as well as Ken Gould and John Chinn.

Speaking of John, he’s the label’s first signee. Is that a word? I don’t know. Anyway, Reverbose plans to put out a Jon Chinn record very soon. You may know Jon as the lead singer of Pretty Mighty Mighty, one of the best Columbus bands to come out of the Buckeye State in the last few years. If you don’t know about them, change that.

I think the plan is to release Jon’s album and then release an album from someone out of town. Don’t quote me on that. Ask the label yourself. What’s important to note is that it’s not a label that’s just promoting Columbus bands. While the roots of the tree are planted here, the forest is going to sprout up across the country.

For more information about the label, I really encourage you to visit their site. You can get a statement of purpose from the label, MP3s, tour dates, all the sort of good stuff you’ve come to expect from a website.

Moving music forward. That’s what it’s all about. LINK